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The Next Atlanta, a prologue.

Welcome. You may have come here from my Substack newsletter at Greetings. 

For the moment, this page is a placeholder for future podcasts. Consider this an introduction and a manifesto against cynicism. The rest will be my notes before the apocalypse.

My beloved Atlanta doesn’t have to go to hell. Remind me I said that, later.


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  1. Steven Smith Steven Smith

    I’m at dodge state prison been here since July 2021 case worker that talk with us first arriving stated jokingly need to get a phone something happen you be bad shape or dead. They knowing this but say nothing to higher officials it total deregard for inmate live such as mine. Also inmate dead in august diabetic person inmates knock and beat on window for 2 hours trying to get someone attention for help but it was to late when they arrived. Another one is inmate in segregation ruled suicide. It his whole head was nearly cut all the way off suicide person can’t do that to himself with home made knife no way. Food is spoiled or rotten left food served repeated or mixed in with other food that is cook over and over meat are rotten spoiled and served as well tray no clean properly due to no dish washer only cold water sink by hand this is just a few problems here keep in touch I will

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